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CHOPS is a program for percussionists to develop and demonstrate competency in fundamental skills including drum rudiments and scales. Progress through CHOPS by submitting a 15-20 second video of yourself performing each fundamental skill as prescribed under each skill segment.

You must pass Bronze Level before you can pass Silver Level, or Gold Level, and so on. You can, however, submit videos for any Rudiment at any time. Since the Rudiments are organized progressively, its important to work your way up and through each level.

Drum Rudiments

For Drum Rudiments, each Rudiment should be performed at each defined metronomic marking and Open-Closed-Open (OCO)*. Be sure to set the metronome at either quarter note or dotted quarter note and with correct subdivision (2 eighths, or 3 triplets) accordingly.

You may attempt OCO after you have passed either the first two tempos, or after the third tempo. You must reach at least the tempo of the fastest level you have passed off, but you may surpass that tempo if you want and can.

*  Multiple Bounce Roll is to be performed at the dynamic levels as indicated.

To complete a skill, you must demonstrate all of the following:

  1. proper matched grip technique
  2. proper execution of the rhythm
  3. proper and consistent execution of diddles, flams and drags
  4. proper and consistent execution of grace notes, taps and accents (heights)
  5. for OCO - smooth tempo transitions and rate of increase/decrease and consistency of technique through all tempos

When recording your video, make sure you do all of the following:

  1. perform on a practice pad, either on a stand or a table
  2. perform with the metronome on, with correct setting and subdivision
  3. frame your video portrait orientation, as tightly as possible, but...
  4. make sure that your pad, sticks, hands and upper body are visible
  5. announce the name of the rudiment and the tempo (or OCO) that you are performing, before you begin
  6. perform for at least 15-20 seconds, but no more than 30 seconds


Single Stroke Roll
Multiple Bounce Roll
Double Stroke Roll
5 Stroke Roll
Single Paradiddle


Single Stroke 4
7 Stroke Roll
9 Stroke Roll
Double Paradiddle
Triple Paradiddle
Flam Accent
Flam Tap
Lesson 25
Single Ratamacue


Single Stroke 7
13 Stroke Roll
17 Stroke Roll
11 Stroke Roll
15 Stroke Roll
6 Stroke Roll
10 Stroke Roll
Single Paradiddle-Diddle
Swiss Army Triplets
Double Ratamacue
Triple Ratamacue


Triple Stroke Roll
Flam Paradiddle
Inverted Flam Tap
Single Flammed Mill
Flam Paradiddle-Diddle
Single Drag Tap
Double Drag Tap


Flam Drag
Single Dragadiddle
Drag Paradiddle #1
Drag Paradiddle #2

Percussion Progress - Student Rudiment Sheet