Vic Firth

The Vic Firth website includes many valuable educational resources that cover a veriety of topics. below are just a few, but more can be found on the website.

40 Essential Rudiments

Watch John Wooton’s video lessons on “How to Learn and Practice the Rudiments” and “The Real Rudiments”. Instead of working your way through the rudiments in order that they appear on the list, consider the “4 Tier Rudiment Learning Sequence" which will guide your progress.

4 Mallet Technique & Musicianship

David Skidmore introduces each of the fundamental 4-mallet skills step-by-step in 24 progressive lessons. Exercises in each lesson provide technical training, and teach valuable musical phrasing concepts culminating with a short solo that develops into a musically meaningful piece.

4 Mallet Marimba Lessons

This video lesson series follows a highly researched sequence of four mallet technique. In each lesson, Dr. Julia Gaines will discuss the fundamentals behind each new concept, demonstrate the techniques and provide an exercise that will apply the skill.

Percussion 101

This series of video lessons will provide students with a comprehensive introduction to the fundamental techniques for the most common percussion instruments, from instrument setup to maintenance to performance techniques, skills necessary for today’s all-around percussionist.

Beginner Drum Set

Excerpted from “A Fresh Approach to the Drumset” , Stanton Moore will take you on an exciting tour of the drumset, show you how to properly set up your drums, demonstrate how to tune your set to get a great sound and instruct you on how to grip the sticks properly and play a perfect stroke.

Hybrid Rudiments

In this series of video lessons, Vic Firth artists and educators cover a portion of the vast library of Hybrid Rudiments (complex rudiment combinations) — broken down, explained, and demonstrated by some of the world’s premier percussion instructors and performers!

Percussion Organizations and Product Resources